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Eco-Friendly Equipment

All Tanses equipment is specifically designed to maximize the UV ooutput in order to reduce the sesstion time.

We utilize the latest UV-enhancing, non-tarnishing, aluminum reflectors along with 92%-efficient, glass, facial reflectors in order to maximize UV reflectivity.

We have avoided the use of colorful plastic components that can not be recycled at the end of their product life. Instead we use all-metal (anodized aluminum and stainless-steel) with surfaces that use minimal paint, making them easy to recycle. We proudly recycle all our metal and plastic scraps at our manufacturing facility.

We have also reduced power outputs and added some of the best-tested electronic ballasts as part of our efforts to offer salons ecologically-sensible products. As such, please have a closer look at our B-32 series or all-electronic TT-EXPRESS stand-up units.

Tanses is proud to offer salon owners the choice of purchasing their equipment with all-new green features that use less power and cause less pollution.